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Words by Paola Ferreira, Board o Director member of WISTA Chile, after participate in WISTA Americas

August 28, 2019

As WISTA Chile we were invited to participate in the Second WISTA Americas, in my particular case I proudly made the presentation  “Chile: from the South of the World” on behalf of WISTA Chile. In it we present data and background of our country, our economy and others that are relevant so that from other parts of the world they know that Chile has a series of advantages and attractions to invest and / or do business with our country. As WISTA Chile we gather commitment, knowledge and professional expertise and we can make it available to international trade. The WISTA Americas 2019 was a tremendous instance of knowledge, discussion and review of the pillars of work of WISTA International, were three intense days of work and networking, in a beautiful environment. WISTA Chile was present with the largest delegation, which demonstrates the motivation and commitment we can in our work.
Panama and Chile share a series of similarities, especially in their economic policies of openness to the world and some other indicators, which unites us and invites us to continue working together, which we replicate between our WISTA Panama and WISTA Chile associations through the which we are in permanent collaboration. WISTA Panama was host of the WISTA Americas 2019 with tremendously positive results for all attendees.
Within the framework of WISTA Americas 2019 held last week in Panama City, an instance that brought together the Regional Director of UN Women for Latin America and the Caribbean, Mrs. Maria Noel Vaeza, with the presidents of WISTA Panama, WISTA Peru, WISTA Venezuela, WISTA Argentina, WISTA Colombia and the representative of WISTA Chile. The opportunity allowed them to discuss forms of collaboration and gave  to the signing of a Declaration of Support for the UN Women guidelines by the aforementioned WISTA directives. In this document, they undertake to support the guidelines of the international organization for the empowerment of women, the equal treatment of men and women, understanding that these principles are not only correct, but have positive effects, which include quantifiable economic and social impacts .

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