The Executive Committee, ExCo, may appoint and delegate to standing and ad-hoc committees such portions of its work, as it seems suitable. All such committees shall report to the Executive Committee.



Announced in January 2018, the WISTA Diversity Committee is comprised of WISTA members from around the world working together to develop resources and recommendations for increasing gender diversity and inclusion in the shipping industry.

The Committee mandate, as provided by ExCo is:

  • Create recommendations and guidelines for increasing the capacity of women in the industry by promoting diversity, inclusion, and open-mindedness.
  • Write a pledge to challenge the maritime community to advance diversity and inclusion in the industry.  This pledge should outline a limited number of specific actions that companies, individuals, and leaders in our industry can take to enhance diversity, such as pledging to only participate on panels with diversity at conferences, etc…
  • Recommend actions to the ExCo and membership on a forward strategy for increasing diversity and inclusion in our industry.
  • Build a robust list of resources, including training, online workshops, kits, materials, etc…for the WISTA website for members and the general public to use related to diversity and sexual harassment/assault in the workplace.

Diversity Committee Members:

Maria Belen Espineira (WISTA Argentina), Alison Cusack (WISTA Australia), Bertha Rousseau (WISTA Bahamas), Katerina Konsta (WISTA Hellas), Aguivar Olidel Vite Flores (WISTA Mexico), Chizoba Christina Anyika (WISTA Nigeria), Yasendy Santamria (WISTA Panama), Miriam Sara Repetto (WISTA Peru), Barbara Chitas (WISTA Portugal), Yasmina Rauber (WISTA Switzerland), Paola Oddone (WISTA Uruguay), Sarah Brennan (WISTA USA)

Chair of the Diversity Committee: Sanjam Gupta & Fabiana Simões Martins

Executive Committee Representative: Fabiana Simões Martins



At WISTA we are proud to showcase that women in our industry can be at the forefront of thought leadership. With this in mind, the WISTA International has formed Futures and Technology Committee to coordinate research and dialogue on the social, technological, economic, environmental and political trends that are shaping the future of our industry and the emerging disruptive technologies that will inevitably impact the maritime, trading and logistics sectors.

Futures and Technology Committee Members:

Federica Maiorano (WISTA Monaco), Sofia Fürstenberg Stott (WISTA Sweden), Marjolein van Noort (WISTA The Netherlands), Alexandra Souccar (WISTA Hellas), Andrea Signorino (WISTA Uruguay), Ann Till (WISTA UK), Beverley Mackenzie (WISTA UK), Birgit Liodden (WISTA Norway), Caterina Cerrini (WISTA Italy), Cheryl Bazard (WISTA Bahamas), Cristina Dragomir (WISTA Romania), Edna Dolores Rosas Huerta (WISTA Mexico), Jenny Zhang (WISTA China), Joana Patricia Alvarez (WISTA Peru), Katharina Renken (WISTA Germany), Katia Corfini (WISTA Italy), Luciana Suman Jardim (WISTA Brazil), Marie De Decker (WISTA Belgium), Mariela Gutarra Ramos (WISTA Peru), Monica Kohli (WISTA UK), Natalia Bury Loyal (WISTA Cyprus), Shehara Jayawardane (WISTA Sri Lanka), Silje Brathagen With (WISTA Norway), Stephanie Grech (WISTA Switzerland), Svetlana Maydanova (WISTA Russia), Viviana Fonseca (WISTA Argentina)

Executive Committee Representative: Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou

Chairs of the Futures & Technology Committee: Marjolein van Noort (WISTA the Netherlands), Sofia Furstenberg Stott (WISTA Sweden)




The Human Resources (HR) Committee is responsible for the ICS – WISTA Scholarships process, i.e. selecting the scholarship recipients, coordinating with the National WISTA Associations (NWAs) and providing guidance and support to the students until their final exams. You can read more about the scholarship programme here: ICS – WISTA Scholarships

The HR Committee is also responsible for carrying out the Membership Survey, whereby the membership composition of WISTA International is analyzed every three years.

HR Committee Members:

Janine Vils (WISTA Germany), Paola Ferreira (WISTA Chile), Yessenia Padilla (WISTA Panama), Ximena Valenzuela (WISTA Peru), Danae Bezantakou (WISTA Hellas)

Executive Committee Representative: Naa Densua Aryeetey





The Trade Committee aims to create instances of collaboration for trade facilitation considering the industry experience and expertise of WISTA Members in the shipping, trading, and logistics sectors.

Trade Committee Members:

Amanda Hastings (WISTA Singapore), Debora Valera (WISTA Venezuela), Eunice Ezeoke (WISTA Nigeria), Francoise Deshusses (WISTA Switzerland), Gina Panayiotou (WISTA UK), Shehara Jayawardana (WISTA Sri Lanka), Lenore Oosthuizen (WISTA South Africa), Yessenia González (WISTA Panama), Maria Laura Salazar (WISTA Venezuela), Maria Theodoridou (WISTA Hellas), Marta Prado Larburu (WISTA Spain), Muriel Maurizzio (WISTA Argentina), Rhodalyn Djanitey (WISTA Ghana), Anna Pittalis (WISTA Cyprus)

Executive Committee Representative: Naa Aryeetey

Chair of the Trade Committee: Paula Pastern (WISTA Chile)





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WISTA has 3,800+ members and 56 National WISTA Associations (NWAs).


WISTA has 3,800+ members and 56 National WISTA Associations (NWAs).

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