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WISTA Brazil Members honored with the Friends of the Navy Medal

November 26, 2019

On November 6, the Brazilian Navy celebrates the Friends of the Navy day, occasion which the Award Ceremony of the Friends of the Navy takes Place.

Such award was created upon an initiative of Admiral Maximiano Eduardo da Silva Fonseca who understood the importance to get closer to the Maritime Community by offering a token of appreciation to those civilians who promote and support the Navy and the maritime culture within the society.

This year, on Tuesday, November 6,  three WISTA Brazil Members were awarded the Medal, Luciana Suman Jardin, Flavia Melo and Flavia Maia as well as one friend of WISTA Brazil, Ms Ana Paula Bezerra, a civilian from the Maritime Court.

Luciana Suman, Flavia Melo and Flavia Maia agreed it was a pleasure and honor to take part of the Ceremony and be awarded both in the year the IMO theme is “Empowering Women in the Maritime Community” and the year of the Centenary of Admiral Maximiliano, who besides creating the award, was very instrumental to promoting diversity already at his time by suggesting women should be admitted in the Navy, back in the seventies.





From left to tight: Flavia Melo, Flavia Maia, Captain Flávio Vianna Rocha, Luciana Suman Jardim

From left to right: Admiral Lima Filho (Judge President of the Maritime Court), Fabiana Martins, WISTA International ExCo Member, Lieutenant Lorena ( Maritime Court), Ana Paula Bezerra ( Maritime Court), Luciana Suman Jardim, Captain Gondar ( Aliança Navegação), Flavia Melo, Flavia Maia, Admiral Roberto, Director at DIrectorate of Ports and Coasts.

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