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Punta del Este beach

September 18, 2023

Punta del Este is an internationally known seaside resort located on a narrow peninsula in the southeast of Uruguay.

The popular Brava Beach is known for its strong waves and for “The Hand”, a giant sculpture with 5 fingers. On the West coast you can see the Mansa Beach with calm & shallow waters to spend in family.

Walking its streets you can find  the Avenida Gorlero with exclusive shops; in the Plaza Artigas are local handcrafts, tipical products and enterteinment

The 19th-century lighthouse is located at the southern tip of the peninsula and has a viewing platform

The Hand, The Fingers or Man Emerging to Life is a sculpture of five fingers partially submerged in sand, located at Parada 1 of Brava Beach in Punta del Este. It is colloquially referred to as The Fingers. In English, its popular name is The Hand. It is a famous sculpture, which has become a symbol for Punta del Este since its completion in February 1982, as well as becoming one of the most recognizable landmarks in Uruguay.

The Port of Punta del Este, also known as Puerto Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria is located at the confluence of Río de la Plata and Atlantic Ocean and offers for the mooring of really glamorous sport boats.

Casapueblo is the name given to a building built by the Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró, located in Punta Ballena, 13 km from Punta del Este. Initially it was the artist’s summer home and workshop. It was the permanent residence of its creator, where he worked and where he lived until his death. Although it is best known for being a museum, the facilities also include an art gallery, a cafeteria and a hotel.

Isla de Lobos is a small island in the Atlantic Ocean, located about 8 kilometers Southeast of Punta del Este, being the southern most emerged point of Uruguay.  It is an outcrop of rocks that is a continuation of Cuchilla Grande (eastern), in an area of ??the Atlantic Ocean almost immediately to the mouth (outer limit) of the Río de la Plata.

Gorriti Island is an island in the Río de la Plata, facing the port of Punta del Este. It is visible from the “Mansa Beach” between Punta Ballena and the port of Punta del Este. Gorriti Island is 1.7 km long, 900 mts. wide at its widest part and 160 mts. at its narrowest part.

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