Women's International Shipping & Trading Association

“Bridging the Gap: WISTA Sri Lanka’s Transformative Field Visit Inspires the Future of Maritime and Shipping”

September 19, 2023

WISTA Sri Lanka, recently wrapped up an insightful and educational field visit to Hayleys Free Zone and Spectra Integrated Logistics Yard. Held on Friday, August 25th, this event was attended by 22 students specializing in Transport and Commercial Shipping from the Economics department at the University of Colombo, as well as our own esteemed EXCO members.
The field visit provided an exceptional opportunity for students to gain practical insights into the dynamic world of maritime and logistics. This excursion was a chance to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application. They had the opportunity to witness firsthand the complex operations involved in the transport and commercial shipping sector. From warehousing and supply chain management to international trade dynamics, this field visit exposed them to various facets of the industry, nurturing their future careers.
It exemplified the WISTA Sri Lanka’s dedication to promoting diversity and knowledge-sharing in the maritime and shipping sector. As these students continue their academic journey and the industry evolves, such experiences will undoubtedly contribute to their growth and the advancement of the maritime industry as a whole.

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