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WISTA Brazil takes part of the tribute paid by AJEB to the Pioneering Officers of the Brazilian Merchant Marine

May 15, 2019

On Thursday, May 9, WISTA Brazil joined a more than special event: a tribute to the pioneering officers of the Brazilian Merchant Marine, hosted by the Association of Journalists and Writers of Brazil (AJEB) in the presence of the Cadets from the Merchant Marine Academy CIAGA (Centro de Instrução Almirante Graça Aranha).

On the occasion, WISTA Brazil President Flavia Maia congratulated the AJEB for the initiative and spoke about the importance of WISTA to promote the achievements and address the challenges of Women working in the maritime sector: “We want to be a mirror a for future women leaders and we also want to mirror ourselves in them. We have much to learn from those who are young and we cannot exclude anyone, for age, race, thought, creed, gender. We understand that diversity is fundamental for a society to develop.”

We are pleased to say that our WISTA Members Gisele Mangifeste, Hildelene Bahia and Nelsiane Carrara were amongst those who shared their stories of resilience to open the space for themselves and to women in the merchant marine.

The video recording of WISTA Brazil presentation – in Portuguese only – is available at our FB page.




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