The Environment Committee (EC) will be responsible for keeping the organization updated on issues related to environmental protection and ensuring sustainable growth.


  • Establish a presence for WISTA in environmental matters and an active role in identifying legislation, practice and follow ups on projects and new trends.
  • By focusing on specific projects, developments and actions, it will validate the existence, value and achievements of women in this very important element of the maritime, trade and logistics sectors.
  • Empower NWAs in order to actively participate in regional environmental developments.
  • Determine specific projects that are being followed by organizations and associations, and organize active support to the ExCo in such projects, working committees or other groups when needed.

WISTA Environmental Committee Members:

Marthe Edimo (WISTA Cameroon), Eliana Charalambous Savvidi (WISTA Cyprus), Cea Mittler (WISTA Finland), Franziska Eckhoff (WISTA Germany), Maria Boile (WISTA Hellas), Natalia Bagnato (WISTA Italy), Holly Basile (WISTA Monaco), Vivian Chimezie Azubuike (WISTA Nigeria), Camilla Kjelsaas (WISTA Norway), Kathya Castillo (WISTA Peru), Smriti Sharma (WISTA Singapore), Hermoine Manual (WISTA South Africa), Jennie Larsson (WISTA Sweden), Sinem Ogis (WISTA Turkey), Monica Acosta (WISTA Uruguay), Lisa Drake (WISTA USA)

Chair of the Environmental Committee: Gina Panayiotou (WISTA UK) and Marielle Gehlert (WISTA The Netherlands)

ExCo Representative: Nazli Selek, Sub Raimah Chowdhury

Steering towards a low-carbon future: Shipping and the EU ETS

Read the latest article from the Environmental Committee which provides an overview of the European Union Trading Emissions System (EU ETS) and its integration of the maritime sector starting from 2024.

LINK: EU ETS Article

Want to know what happened at MEPC80 in a nutshell?

Highlight of the week was the revised 2023 International Maritime Organization GHG Strategy, however the week was filled with fruitful discussions and our Environmental Committee has been busy putting together a Quick Factsheet, with the recap of it all.

1 – GHG Emissions, Cea Mittler,   2 – Air Pollution, Camilla Kjelsaas

3 – Energy Efficiency on Ships, Maria Boile,    4 – Ballast Water Management, Smitri Sharma

5 – Pollution Prevention & Response, Edimo Marthe,    6 – Special Areas, Gina Panayiotou, Committee Co-Chair

7 – Underwater noise, Hermoine Manuel,    8 – Other developments, Lisa Drake and Marielle Gehlert, Committee Co-Chair

Sources & Credits: The document was compiled based primarily on the MEPC 80 summary reports of Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas , American Bureau of Shipping & Rina.

Find the following presentation, at this LINK – MEPC80_Document.


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WISTA has 3,800+ members and 56 National WISTA Associations (NWAs).


WISTA has 3,800+ members and 56 National WISTA Associations (NWAs).

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