Women's International Shipping & Trading Association

Written in waves… about the medals of the first Polish Captain

May 16, 2024

Together with the Association of Great Shipping Captains from Poland, for the second time we presented honorary medals named after Captain Dauta Walas-Kobylinska to Wista women who have been working with WISTA for the longest time and those who are particularly distinguished. Additional honors – the captain’s hat was awarded to Wanda Dobrowolska-Parfienczuk – founder of WISTA Poland, Captain Anna Wypych-Namiotko, prof. Dorota Py? and Captain Andrzej Królikowski. Noteworthy is the special reception and honoring of the presence of Kapital Leszek Wi?niewski, who has been involved in social and scientific activities for years and is an active organizer of events, attractions and festivals related to the our sea.

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