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Women in Ocean Industries: Leadership and Sustainable Development

October 18, 2018

News Release


The SOS 2018 Will Bring Together Women CEOs from a Range of Ocean Sectors to Address Women’s Leadership in Ocean Sustainable Development

26 September 2018

Women leaders from across the maritime business sectors will convene at the 2018 Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS) – Hong Kong, 14 – 16 November – in a high-level plenary discussion to advance women’s leadership in Corporate Ocean Responsibility.

The SOS panel on “Women in Ocean Industries: Leadership and Sustainable Development” will be chaired by Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, President, Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association (WISTA International), and CEO of TOTOTHEO Maritime.

This inaugural SOS panel on Women’s Leadership will include:
Shipping: Sabrina Chao, Executive Chairman, Wah Kwong Maritime
Fishing: Lori Kennedy, CEO, Louisbourg Seafoods
Aquaculture: Donna Lanzetta, CEO, Manna Fish Farms
Cruise Tourism: Helen Huang, President China, MSC Cruises
Offshore Renewable Energy: Alla Weinstein, Founder and CEO, Trident Winds

WISTA International President Theodosiou stated, “Bringing together such a knowledgeable and experienced group of women executives advances the conversation on sustainable development in the industry. This SOS panel represents WOC’s leadership, collaboration and action on sustainable development and I am honoured to serve as the panel chair on behalf of WISTA International. We look forward to expanding our interaction with WOC.”

This important high-level, multi-industry panel will consider how well women’s leadership in the ocean business community is advancing and the challenges and opportunities for improving leadership by women in the ocean business community, especially regarding ocean sustainable development and the Blue Economy. Additional leaders from other sectors will be joining the panel as their availability is confirmed.

The WOC is also pleased to announce the “CEOcean Club”, an invitation-only gathering to foster interaction among the C-suite and VIP delegates at the SOS.

The SOS 2018 Program continues to add senior representatives and presentations from industry, investment, international organizations, government and other stakeholders.

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“Ocean Sustainable Development — Connecting Asia and the World”

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1-2 October, PANAMA CITY
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3-4 October, HONG KONG
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4 October, CAMBRIDGE, MA
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10-11 October, BRUSSELS
EU AQUACROSS Project: Final Meeting (Participant)


About the World Ocean Council (WOC)

The WOC is the only international, cross-sectoral alliance for private sector leadership and collaboration in ocean sustainability, stewardship and science. Companies from a range of industries worldwide are distinguishing themselves as leaders in “Corporate Ocean Responsibility”, including: shipping, oil and gas, tourism, fisheries, aquaculture, mining, renewable energy, ocean technology and investment.

WOC Members are listed here, a part of the WOC Network of 35,000+ ocean industry stakeholders around the world. The WOC is a registered not-for-profit organization in the US and the UK/Europe.


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