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WISTA Sri Lanka Together With DataccioConnect Brings In Much Needed Technology Insight To Maritime Industry

May 28, 2019

WISTA Sri Lanka was able to successfully conclude yet another milestone in the maritime industry by conducting a one day seminar in association with  #DataccioConnect on the 29th of March at Galle Face Hotel . The shipping industry has always been traditional in nature, slow to change and conservative in approach.  However, it is evident that in today’s world, technology is the only way ahead. This is where, WISTA and #DataccioConnect, came in. These two Associations aimed in helping to bridge the gap between the past and the future in the maritime industry.

WISTA was able to attract many industry professionals, technology experts, solutions providers under one roof & shared real life scenarios across the maritime ecosystems. The key highlight was the discussion on the latest developments & implementations of AI, IoT, Blockchain, Big Data, Cybersecurity, etc. that are causing disruptions in the maritime sphere.  During the Conference the audience was exposed to formulating and getting an in depth understanding of digital yardsticks that are available to measure Organizations’ progress towards digitalisation with tasks which are immediately actionable. WISTA was able to realise it’s aim on bringing forth a collaborative discussion to ensure a smooth transition to digitalisation, which is swiftly becoming a norm in the fast developing digital landscape.

International Women’s Day was also celebrated during this event by bringing an exclusive segment on ‘Women in Maritime Technology’. WISTA members voiced their views and perspective on their experiences in the maritime sector and the usage of technology. Women who have achieved excellence in the maritime sector shared their views on the challenges they face and how they need to adapt in the dynamics of technological advancements.

WISTA was able to achieve yet another milestone by introducing the first ever loyalty rewards program for crew to incentivize sailing. The app has an algorithm that converts nautical miles into sea miles that can be claimed against a variety of goods and services. The app awards points to shore personnel as well as seafarers.

The Sri Lankan Chapter of the Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association (WISTA) is a management level networking association for women in the maritime sector. WISTA Sri Lanka has been able to successfully complete its calendar of events fulfilling its objectives of networking and encouraging women in the maritime and international trade sectors.


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