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March 15, 2019

WISTA Russia ExCo meeting took place in Moscow, on 15 March 2019.

The purpose of the meeting was to exchange views upon the results of WISTA International and  WISTA Russia’s activity and to discuss the course for growing the Association regionally.

Presentations of the day

Within the due course of the meeting, WISTA Russia President Olga Lazovskaya reported on major achievements of the organization and proposed target areas of development for the present year.

WISTA Russia Secretary Yulia Kashina reported on WISTA Diversity Committee activity, at which she is a member. To know more, please download the presentation here (in Russian).

WISTA Russia Board member Svetlana Maydanova shared her experience of working at WISTA Future & Technology Committee.

The final report within the meeting was prepared by WISTA Russia Webmaster Aleksandra Aleksenko on her experience to attend AGM of WISTA International 2018 and the new WISTA International website. To know more, please download the presentation here (in Russian).

Minutes of  the Board meeting – first steps

A lot was discussed and we ‘ll keep updating through the website. The major issues of the minutes of the Board meeting also comprise the following:- Board agreed to draft a structure of cooperation among WISTA Russia members and WISTA Russia representatives to the committees at WISTA International. We aim to provide full transparency of the ongoing work of the Association to all our members and enhance communication among our members;
– prepare analyses on committees in the maritime industry of Russia to which WISTA can enter as Association or at which WISTA Russia’s members presently participate on behalf of their Companies or can step in;
– WISTA under 25! It was agreed to support the idea of WISTA Russia’s President Olga Lazovskaya to introduce a new status of membership within WISTA Russia to ensure the involvement of females into shipping industry at the early stage of their careers. Board members enthusiastically volunteered to talk to their regional Maritime Academies and other institutions to set a frame of cooperation and schedule WISTA Russia’s days around the Maritime Universities in Russia;
– with ongoing processes of digitalization of the shipping industry, we see more and more opportunities to arise for work at the shore, which doesn’t necessarily require seagoing experience. We want to spread this idea among the young generation to open them a wide spectrum of the shipping industry and its prospects;
– WISTA Russia would also keep putting its efforts to provide equal opportunities for females to build their seagoing career in Russia. There were visible positive changes to that reached through the Russian Chamber of Shipping last year. The result was a legal act under the Ministry of Labour, which eliminated the ban for a variety of maritime jobs which were closed for females in Russia. This opens new opportunities for females in the maritime sector in Russia.

WISTA Russia friends

We launched a series of events under the name “WISTA Friends”. The purpose is to gather representatives from the shipping industry and connected sectors, regardless of the gender element. We wish to create a solid platform for partnership, and will always welcome diversity in all shapes. So if you share the philosophy of WISTA and ready to support its work, please always feel free to attend our WISTA Friends events, which require no invitation.


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