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WISTA recognise French pioneer

October 13, 2021

This year’s WISTA International Personality of the Year has just been announced and recognises the outstanding work of a woman who has been a leading light in the French-based Fondation de la Mer.

Sabine Roux de Bézieux is the founding chair of the Foundation and is an active member of WISTA France. Her role with the Foundation has seen Sabine develop young people to play an active part in the maritime world thanks to her extensive experience in the shipping and trading industries. In 2020, she launched the Ocean Framework for corporations, enabling them to assess their impact on the Ocean and act upon it. Developed with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the French Ministry of Seas, it is now adopted by numerous companies and has recently been recognized as “Best practice” by the UN Decade of Ocean science.

The award of Personality of the Year was judged on Sabine’s overall contribution to the development of women working in the maritime world and her dedication to the preservation of the world’s oceans. This has involved her in developing a platform dedicated to fighting marine litter and her interest in global marine environmental resources. Sabine’s all round involvement in the maritime world is just one of the reasons she has been recognised by WISTA International, the global network supporting women working in the maritime sector.

Marie-Noëlle Tiné-Dyèvre, President of WISTA France, was delighted with the announcement recognising the work of Sabine Roux de Bézieux.

“WISTA France is extremely proud to see one of our members nominated as the Personality of the Year by WISTA International, the global community of women in the maritime sector. Her dedication to the maritime sector and to those women working and contributing to its success is highly commendable.

Sabine is the founder and President of Fondation de la Mer, a non-profit organization created by scientists, NGOs, maritime industrials and the French Navy. We nominated her because of her work with Fondation de la Mer which is a unique organization that tries to reconcile business and ecology, science and investment, specialists and ordinary citizens. Her commitment to these causes is a real source of inspiration.”

Sabine Roux de Bézieux was selected from a list of five other nominations from Germany, Greece, the USA, Chile and Peru as winner of the 2021  WISTA Personality of the Year.

Before  the award was presented to her by WISTA International President, Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, Sabine took the opportunity to stress the importance of continuing support for environmental causes.


“I am very pleased and honored to have been chosen as this year’s WISTA International Personality of the Year. This prestigious recognition is also a sign that economy and ecology can be reconciled, for the prosperity of all and the good health of the world’s oceans. We have no other choice but to join forces and drastically reduce our negative impact on our planet and this is why my work and that of so many others through The Fondation de la Mer, is vital to address the many challenges we face in preserving our oceans for the benefit of us all. I am grateful to WISTA because I appreciate the work they do both in France and globally in supporting the vital roles of women in the maritime sector.”

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