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WISTA PERU Collaboration with Partners

March 20, 2024

On January 22, we had the honor of participating in a meeting with the members and directors of WISTA PERÚ at the headquarters of the Terminales Portuarios Peruanos SAC #TPP offices, in Lima, Peru.

We want to thank the kind management of our partner Orietta Gajate for her initiative. Likewise, we thank our President of the Board of Directors Mariela Gutarra – who organized the meeting – and Jaime Gonzalez lópez, former President of the Port Authority of Santander, Spain and representative of the CTC Technology Center, in Spain.

During the meeting, we explored the most notable hashtag#innovative projects that are currently being developed at the CTC, which is a technology center dedicated to promoting competitiveness, research and innovation in the port field and companies in Europe and other continents. It should be noted that this focuses on key areas of the #TechnologicalTransformation, such as Navigation & Robotics, Industry & Energy, and Advanced Materials, which are fundamental for port development. CTC projects leverage various cutting-edge #technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Autonomous Robotics, #Geolocation, Digital Twins, #Nanocomposites, among others. These technologies are revolutionizing the way ports and port companies operate, improving efficiency, safety and sustainability.

In this meeting, we had the participation of the following WISTA PERÚ members: Laura Astonitas, Mariela Gutarra, Orietta Gajate Catherine Navarro Acosta, Patricia Cabello Benites Joana Alvarez Guillén Monica Esteban Gonzales, whom we thank for all their dedication and commitment!



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