Women's International Shipping & Trading Association

WISTA International ExCo Mid-Term Meeting and Conference

April 23, 2024

On the 19th April, WISTA International held its Mid-Term Conference with the theme “We Are All Connected in Shipping.” Hosted and organised by WISTA Türkiye, this pivotal event brings together industry leaders, experts and stakeholders to explore the interconnectedness of the global shipping sector and advocate for greater diversity and inclusion.

The conference agenda encompassed key areas affecting the industry, beginning with insightful opening keynote speeches by Ms. Elpi Petraki President of WISTA International, Mr. Tamer Kiran, the Turkish Chamber of Shipping Chairman, and Ms. Mariana Noceti from the Technical Cooperation Division of the IMO.

WISTA International was delighted to see so many WISTA members and friends and would like to thank all who attended the successful event.

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