Women's International Shipping & Trading Association

WISTA International calls for the end of violence and human rights violations

March 4, 2022

While reaffirming WISTA International’s stance on not expressing political views, we add our voices to the ones demanding the end of human suffering in Ukraine and all countries facing military conflicts.
With the humanitarian toll being grave, we remain deeply concerned for all people caught in the war.
We are concerned about the uncertainty seafarers from Ukraine, Russia, and other nationalities find themselves in. Inability to return home or receive their salaries and emotional duress due to the current circumstances add to the already difficult situation they have been facing throughout the pandemic.
We are also worried about how the war is affecting women. It is well-known that violence against women, and gender inequality, intensify during and after wars. We support efforts to end violence against all people and help those in need – particularly women and girls.
WISTA’s key governing principle is to treat everyone with dignity and respect, and respect for the difference in opinion. This has brought friendship among our members, across borders, in many conflict areas across the world. In these difficult times, we call on all National WISTA Associations to be there for each other.
We call on policymakers worldwide and all related organisations to join efforts to cease the hostilities and continually nurture world peace.
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