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WISTA International AGM Marks Global Diversity Award

November 5, 2020

WISTA international – the global voice for female managers within the shipping industry  – presented its first Corporate Diversity Award at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) held online on Thursday 5 November to Terminal Internacional del Sur (TISUR) nominated by WISTA Peru.

The Corporate Diversity Award is aimed at companies and organizations that have demonstrated great strides in incorporating diversity across their business. It recognized their contributions and commitment to improving practices and making working environments more inclusive.

TISUR began to include women in port operations from 2001 through an insertion program they describe as promoting “the personal and professional development of women highlighting their innate characteristics and strengthening their economic and family wellness.”

Gabriel Monge General Manager at Tisur, said “we are honoured to be the first recipients of the WISTA diversity award. Historically, port activity in Matarani, Peru, was carried out by men and in the case of female workforce it was associated with administrative support activities. In 1999, Tisur began its operation in the Port of Matarani and in the community most of the women remained doing housework.

In 2001, Tisur decided to include women in port operations through an insertion program that has promoted the personal and professional development of women highlighting their innate characteristics and strengthening their economic and family wellness.

Tisur currently develops these female workers in different activities in order to promote their personal and professional development so they can access a career line.

Being the winners of the WISTA Diversity Award, is the recognition of the work that each and every one of the women who work in Tisur have done.

Thanks to WISTA for this wonderful award, but above thanks to all the women in our team!. We are committed to working together with WISTA Peru and WISTA to continue promoting diversity in the industry.”

Miriam Sara (WISTA Peru President) sees the award as a real acknowledgement of the progress women are making in global shipping:

“We are very glad and proud that Terminal Internacional del Sur S.A (TISUR) won this first WISTA Corporate Diversity Award. On behalf of WISTA Peru, we want to congratulate them for the vital work they have been doing during these past two decades to promote diversity and call for better opportunities for women in the Matarani Port in Peru. We hope that this award highlights the good practices developed by TISUR and motivates other to companies to develop and establish their own programmes to empower and promote women´s work in the maritime, trading and logistics sectors. This award gives us hope and strength to continue working on achieving diversity and sustainable development in our industry.”

WISTA International President, Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, was delighted with the presentation of the award to WISTA Peru, which she believes is the culmination of many years of work by women in the maritime world.

“Shipping has historically been seen as a male-orientated industry, but the wider maritime world has come to terms with the powerful contributions women are making to it. For WISTA Peru,  it proves that there is a greater and more diverse future in this interconnected world.”

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