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WISTA – ICS Scholarships 2023 – 2024

September 7, 2023

It is with great pleasure that we announce, for a consecutive seventh year, the collaboration between WISTA International and the Institute of Chartering Shipbrokers UK.  Our common goal is to increase the competence and further the education of women in all segments of the maritime industry and to assist our WISTA Members to further develop their maritime knowledge.  Together, this year we are offering a scholarship to Seven(7) Individual WISTA members for 2023/2024.

Achieving the Foundation Diploma (1-year course) may help our members to obtain promotions within their present employment and apply the knowledge gained from the Foundation Diploma. The Foundation Diploma is ideal for persons with some maritime experience, but who would like to gain additional practical knowledge and sound qualification.

The scholarship will cover the Foundation Diploma course which comprises two subjects.  The first subject is the mandatory “Introduction to Shipping” and the second subject is an optional specialisation based on the students’ choice of a wide range of interesting subjects. The cost of the Foundation Diploma course supported by tutors is covered by The Institute and covers the subjects’ course registration fees, course materials, textbooks, tutor support, online tutorials and examination entry.

The year, the course will be taught as Tutorial and lectures on online and does not require the need to travel.  This means that sessions with tutors are done by live and recorded tuition. One must be able to study with supervision per the timetable to be provided by ICS.

The Foundation Diploma is awarded, provided both subjects are passed in the same exam sitting.

The compulsory subject:

The specialization subjects are:

It is highly recommended that WISTA Members review all the above links prior to deciding whether to proceed and apply for this scholarship.

Members who are interested in the scholarship should fulfil the following criteria:

Professional/formal criteria:

  • WISTA Membership for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Must hold a school leaving diploma, any other academic (higher education) and/or other achievements will be considered an advantage.
  • At least 3 years working experience within the maritime industry (any level / position).
  • A good working knowledge of spoken and written English – this is necessary as the course and exams are completed in English.
  • The Member will, when accepted as a student, agree that WISTA and ICS may highlight this project to the media and use her personal data for this project.
  • Members who are hindered to proceed with higher education due to financial and/or other obstacles will be prioritised when selecting the candidates.
  • Qualities, character and/or potentials of a dynamic female leader, i.e. enthusiastic, energetic, with a global prospective, seeking to enhance her maritime career.
  • Applicants must be dedicated and committed to invest time in studying besides normal working and managing private life, and strong ability of effective time management.
  • Self-driven and willing to take initiative to liaise with tutors and other students to maximize study results.


  1. When proposing your nominations please ensure that the following is provided:
    1. A fully completed and signed application form
    2. A complete and detailed Resume
    3. The MOU which is to be completed and signed by both the Applicant and the NWA President.
  2. Since 2020/2021 it has been agreed that the NWAs should be more involved in following up on their students’ study progress and related communication. For that we kindly ask the NWAs to determine and assign a local ‘PERSON OF CONTACT’ for their students who take on the responsibility to:
  3. a) ensure the NWA’s students adhere to the provided study plan and reporting dates and follow up with them in case they have missed giving an update (for easy reference, a study plan will be sent for 2023/22024 when provided by ICS.
  4. b) provide moral and any other support required to the NWA’s nominated students .

The NWA President / Point of Contact in all communications with the student to keep them informed.

The HR Committee is responsible for the selection, registration and any directly communication required with ICS UK


The Scholarship includes registration, subject books, assignment of tutor, and online tutorials. In addition, the HR Committee supports by providing open channel communication between WISTA and the ICS, but also structures a Study plan for the students, provides links, and assists with the registration etc.

  1. Time management is key to success. Studying each week/weekend for at least 8 hours is ESSENTIAL. Completing at least 1-2 assignments and sending to your Tutors per week is HIGHLY recommended.
  2. The Exams are usually scheduled in May of each calendar year and study should be completed well in advance to allow for a one-month revision time. Noted that BOTH subject courses need to be passed, otherwise it will be considered a Fail and no Diploma will be provided by the ICS.
  3. To complete the course all the suggested tools available should be utilised to the maximum (e.g. the use of tutors and their comments which are provided via the assignments, online tutorials, links provided by the ICS webpage, national coaches and other WISTA scholarship attendees etc).
  4. 1-2 assignments should be forwarded to tutor(s) at least once every 10 days.
  5. Deferment is not permitted for scholarship students. However, student(s) should inform their NWA and the HR committee IMMEDIATELY in the case of any expected delay, obstacles and/or other compassionate issues which may affect the progress of the scholarship.
  6. Past WISTA Students have commented that the course is;
  7. extremely time consuming and a good time management schedule is necessary
  8. support from work and family is necessary as study time without interruptions is necessary
  • the actual books are basic information – the assignments contain additional information and must be completed and sent to all Tutors in a timely manner. External sources, links, etc should be reviewed also. Tutors are ex-students and know the challenges of the courses so they assist as much as possible.


The successful student, once the one-year Scholarship Programme has been completed, will have benefited by gaining a better understanding of the maritime industry and will have acquired additional knowledge with the optional specialism course.

Furthermore, this Scholarship Programme could be the steppingstone required to enhance the successful student’s qualification and assist with the possibility of pursuing this path to ultimately obtain the Profession ICS Certification and become a Member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers.

In this respect, we kindly ask you to nominate a maximum of 2 members per National WISTA Association (NWA) who could be interested in this ICS – WISTA International Scholarship Programme. We kindly ask each NWA to provide the HR Committee with the details of the nominee(s), including their CV and application form. The HR Committee can be reached wista @wistainternational.com however all correspondence must include also the below emails jjmahamah56@gmail.com, ddb@navigatorltd.gr, connie.roozen@cb-more.com


Sep 15, Nominations close (non-negotiable) at 12.00 hours CEST time

Oct  2-6, Nominations reviewed, interviews conducted, and 7 applicants shortlisted, recommendation given to WISTA International ExCo

Oct 10-11, Shortlist and recommendations reviewed and 7 nominees approved by EXCO

Oct 10-12, Successful nominees to be informed and to complete the ICS / WISTA forms

Oct 17-19, ICS – WISTA forms countersigned by HR and sent to ICS (by HR)


WISTA HR Committee is responsible for the process and will, amongst other tasks:

  • Comply with the scholarship criteria and an application form.
  • Screen the nominated members by the NWAS’s and propose candidates to the ExCo.
  • Ensure that any communication of NWAs’ to ICS UK to arrange directly via the HR Committee.
  • Study Plan, Key notes, Links etc will be provided to the successful applications via the MOU and Study plan documents.
  • Taking care of all personal data the Applicants share with the committee re Privacy/GDPR regulations

WISTA HR Committee has among others:

Jemilat Mahamah –  WISTA Int. ExCo Member Rep – jjmahamah56@gmail.com

Danae Bezantakou (Chairperson)   – ddb@navigatorltd.gr

Connie Roozen (Alternate ExCo Rep) – connie.roozen@cb-more.com

We await your nominations NO LATER than SEPTEMBER 15, 2023 at close of business. Applications missing relevant information / supporting documentation will not be considered.

Download the Application Form: https://wistainternational.com/wp-content/uploads/Application-Form-WISTA-HR-2022-2023-1.docx

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