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WISTA Colombia is part of the UN Women agreement

August 29, 2019

Within the framework of the WISTAS Americas 2019 that took place in Panama City, during the month of August, an alliance was signed between WISTA Colombia and the UN Women. This was reported by the president of that Colombian association Yasmin Maldonado.

The alliance will aim to promote equality between women and men, add talents related to the efforts of both organizations, work on business competitiveness, and meet corporate responsibility and sustainability commitments.

In this regard, UN Women and WISTA Colombia will join wills in favor of gender equality and the empowerment of women through education and professionalization. While, from the companies, sustainability and corporate responsibility will be highlighted.

The goal will be to drive the labor market and the community to empower women, and benefit the participating sectors

Thus, the work carried out under the guidelines of both organizations will aim to provide better opportunities for women, men, girls and boys in the countries where they operate.

UN Women is a United Nations organization and WISTA Colombia is a member association of WISTA International, which also promotes gender equality, but in the maritime, logistic and port sector






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