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WISTA Colombia holds first national conference

June 19, 2024

In an environment of deep enthusiasm and fulfilled expectations, WISTA Colombia held their first national conference,  with participants from all over the country. Cartagena, Guajira, Bogota, Buenaventura, Uraba, said “here we are” in the very green city of Cali, in the valley of Cauca. Speakers from many regional countries honoured the conference, even one coming from Spain!  Chile, Ecuador, Brasil, Panama were also in attendance. The topics of the conference were strategically chosen, presented by professional speakers and high national authorities,  which made the conference shine, and gave a huge visibility to WISTA in the country and beyond. The link with the IMO was permanently exposed, especially in the panel of Red MAMLA. 

Law, shipbuilding, trade, international regulations, infrastructure,  and many other themes were present in this first dialogue roundtable, where the audience could interact  enriching the exchange of information.

A plus was the non-stop networking,  connecting professional women and attracting new members to WISTA Colombia.

Hospitality is a highlight in WISTA Colombia´s members. They were all so friendly and did their utmost to make us all feel at home and in a climate of companionship and professionalism.

The message of diversity and inclusion was floating in the room, and the goal of WISTA was clearly transmitted through the two-day conference.

WISTA International accompanied the initiative with the attendance of EXCO member Dafne Anghelidis, who supported this great effort of WISTA Colombia with her participation.

Congratulations, WISTA Colombia!  Well done!

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