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WISTA Brazil hosts the first webinar just for Members

May 29, 2020

On  Thursday, May 21st  we had a delightful experience during the WISTA Brazil Webinar, where our Member, Simone Ramos, shared her journey of reaching the 30.000 followers milestone on her LikendIn profile. During the event she shared valuable tips with our Members from the various parts of Brazil about Personal Branding and  how to better use this magnificent network tool.

AMMS advisor, Simone Ramos is an Insurance Executive, specialized in Ports, Terminals and Logistics. She has a degree in Pedagogy, with a postgraduation in Logistics, Risks and Claims from the National School of Insurance, has a specialization in Marine Insurance from The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) – London, AIRM certification – Alarys Internacional Risk Manager and is currently attending an MBA in Project Management of University of São Paulo (USP)

“It is important that your LinkedIn profile reflects who you are. People identify themselves with people and because of that they will feel empathy with your thoughts and ideas. That’s a good way to broaden your connections ” said Simone.

We thank all  our Members that participated our webinar and the level of engagement. We understand the challenging times we are living, yet we are thrilled with the opportunity to convert this peculiar moment to take the best out of it.

Our special thanks to Simone Ramos for her time and sharing her knowledge amongst our Members and we look forward to more contribution from our Members interested to share knowledge as this is one of our valuable assets.



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