Women's International Shipping & Trading Association

We are part of a network of 47 countries

September 25, 2019

Within the framework of the event, the president of WISTA Colombia Yasmin Maldonado said that “from WISTA Colombia we are proud because we are part of the network of contacts in 47 countries, where women affiliated to the association do belong to the industry sector”.

And, in her view, “WISTA Colombia had the support of WISTA International and important personalities of the IMO, who came together to promote this project and extend an invitation to women in the maritime, port and industry sectors logistics that wish to join such a laudable organization. ”

What does World Maritime Day mean for WISTA Colombia? In this regard, the president of WISTA Colombia explained that “World Maritime Day is a date to celebrate in the world in recognition of the maritime sector, and WISTA Colombia, we are already part of this network. That is why we are flattered by the recognition that the marine industry gave to women in this sector. ”

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