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The Swedish Shipping industry releases letter of intent for worldclass work environment and elimination of harassment and victimization

June 7, 2019

The Swedish shipping industry have chosen to sign a joint letter of intent for a world-class work environment and zero tolerance against harassment and victimization.

The letter of intent is written within the Swedish Shipping cooperation Fair Winds, which focus on world-class work environment and elimination of harassment and victimization.

In the letter of intent, the collaborating organizations state that, in addition to the legal requirements, they shall:

  1. Conduct training courses and courses with the aim of creating a good work environment, and systematically following up training initiatives.
  2. In the long-term, participate in the Swedish shipping collaboration that goes by the name of Fair Winds.
  3. Clearly state that social sustainability is key to success.
  4. Actively work for employees and managers to cooperate within the industry according to the letter of intent.
  5. Strive to foster research and knowledge-enhancing measures to fulfil the purpose of the letter of intent.
  6. Share good examples, best practices and experiences that have been conducted in the field.

Fair Winds started in 2018 and through the collaboration, the organizations work among other things to inform about equal treatment. Four different sub-projects have been prioritized in a first stage to drive the work forward; an industry-wide letter of intent, open workshops and seminars, enable training of victimization and harassment within the Basic Safety training and collect the best methods for preventive work.

– The important role that women in shipping play to improve the working environment on board cannot be overestimated, says Karolina Kjellgren, President of Wista Sweden. Without the Swedish shipping sectors´ metoo-movement, #anchorsaweigh, we would not reached this far. Now we join forces, Wista and all the future-oriented players in the Swedish shipping industry, and we look forward, and we aim higher. We will not stop until we reach world-class work environment with the best conditions – for everyone – to feel good and grow.

Participating organizations in the collaboration are: Chalmers University of Technology, Linnaeus University, WISTA Sweden, # anchorsaweigh, the shipping student section at Chalmers Student Association, the student association Lambda at Linneaus University, Almega, Swedish Maritime Administration, Swedish Shipowners´ Association, SEKO seafarers, Maritime Officers Association, Swedish Shipowners´ Employer Association , Passenger Shipping Association, Swedish archipelago shipowners, the Swedish Transport Agency and the Swedish Maritime Administration.

For more information:

  • Karolina Kjellgren, President, Wista Sweden, karolina.kjellgren@2wglobal.com
  • Rikard Engström, CEO, Swedish Shipowners´Association, rikard.engstrom@sweship.se
  • Katarina Norén, Swedish Maritime Administration, katarina.noren@sjofartsverket.se
  • Pernilla Wallin, Swedish Transport Agency pernilla.wallin@transportstyrelsen.se
  • Kenny Reinhold, Seko Seafarers, kenny.reinhold@seko.se
  • Lars Andersson, Swedish Shipowners´ Employer Association,
  • lars.andersson@transportforetagen.se
  • Mikael Huss, Maritime Officers Association mikael.huss@sjobefal.se
  • Ted Bågfeldt, Linnaeus University, ted.bagfedlt@lnu.se
  • Johan Hartler, Chalmers University of Technology, Johan.hartler@chalmers.se
  • Linda Svensson, #anchorsaweigh, linda@linnefallan.se
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