Women's International Shipping & Trading Association

Shaping the Future of Shipping: Delivering a Net Zero World

January 3, 2024

WISTA International President Elpi Petraki and Board Members Nazli Selek and Raimah Chowdhury, actively participated in the *”Shaping the Future of Shipping: Delivering a Net Zero World”* summit during #COP28 in Dubai on Dec 9-10.
We wish to specially thank Guy Platten and the ICS team for organizing with the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure a summit that focused on collaborative efforts for a net-zero industry, aligning with International Maritime Organization – IMO‘s GHG reduction strategy.
By collaborating and coming together, we pave the way for industry-wide action. WISTA is committed to shaping a sustainable and diverse future, contributing to global initiatives.
? Our participation reflects WISTA’s dedication to a sustainable shipping industry. Collaborative efforts witnessed in Dubai align with global initiatives for a net-zero industry.
? By sharing insights at the summit, we foster a culture of collaboration beyond industry boundaries which is crucial in the evolving landscape of climate science. GHG reduction requires collective action.
? Meeting with WISTA UAE’s board provided a platform for insightful discussions about future growth in the region as well as from a global standpoint. Conversations contribute to WISTA’s overall influence in the dynamic maritime landscape.
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