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Portugal issues full electronic certificates for Ships

November 4, 2019

WISTA Portugal is pleased to announce that Portugal has introduced full electronic documents for ships registered with the Portuguese International Ship Register (MAR).

MAR becomes the first registry in the world to implement documents in digital format for vessels flying the country’s flag as crew certificates were already digitalized end of 2018. All registration documents, including crew endorsements, are now also available in e-format upon registration and accessible online through a QR Code.

For Carla Olival, President of WISTA Portugal, “the introduction of this innovation is a significant step for Portugal not only at home but in particular, at an international level. It not only deems the entire process speedier and safer, but also underlines the countries’ commitment to reach out to the industries spot needs and does so by undertaking much needed greener measures.”

Further to reducing the administrative burden, paper documents are no longer produced or shipped eliminating direct and indirect costs that arise as a consequence of distance and late arrival on-board vessels.

“Actively contributing to the digitization of shipping is one of WISTA’s main goals toward encouraging gender equality, and therefore, this step is also an opportunity to support diversity within the countries’ maritime cluster.

This is Portugal’s moment to promote the industry as a whole with even greater dynamism and international reach, it’s time to attract further quality tonnage and with this, cease every opportunity that comes along with this truly globalized and transversal activity”, concluded the President of WISTA Portugal.


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