Women's International Shipping & Trading Association

New Board for WISTA Argentina

May 22, 2019

Last April of 2019 the new board for WISTA Argentina was elected in the annual Assembly.

New board is formed by Mrs Dafne Anghelidis as President, she is the owner of Agencia Maritima Intercontinental, ship’s agents. Mrs Dafne has been hardly working with commitment and passion as secretary of WISTA Argentina since 2014.

The board is also formed by Mrs Guadalupe Ojeda as Secretary, she is currently working for Gruppe Heinlein as export manager for Liner Division.  Mrs Patricia Calvert will be the treasurer, she is a partner of Airsealand SA freight forwarder, Mrs Ileana Cetra will be the board Auditor, she is a partner of Logimax, forwarder and warehouse and Mrs Yamila Rivero as an advisor, she is in-house lawyer and Manager of the Legal Department of Gruppe Heinlein.

Mrs Maria Belen Espineira after so hard work did for the foundation of WISTA  Argentina since 2012, will remain on the board this time as vice-president supporting the new board!. Thank you, Belen, for everything you have done and for what you are still doing supporting this new challenge!

Congratulations to the new board of WISTA Argentina!

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