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Menopause and the workplace “Meno-mindshifts” webinar for WISTA members Thursday 5th October 3pm UK Time

October 2, 2023

The HR Commitee is excited to invite you to our upcoming webinar designed to shed light on the stages of menopause and its impact in the workplace. This life transition is for some women still filled with shame and stigma. One in three women suffer from menopausal symptoms, and the psychological symptoms are impacting women at work the most.
We would like for you to Join our menopause in the workplace awareness webinar Thursday 5th October 3pm GMT “Navigating transitions with authenticity”. The workshop will be delivered by Torild Boe.
Torild is someone who has walked this path and is deeply committed to helping individuals and companies navigate transitions in a sustainable and positive way, including stages of menopause – she is thrilled to share her insights and experiences with you.

Why attend?
Coping with menopausal symptoms at work can be tough and some women are, understandably reluctant or even afraid to talk to their employer about it. Menopause is more than a biological transition; it’s a societal shift that deserves our attention. By attending this webinar, you’ll not only become better informed about menopause, you’ll also contribute to creating a more inclusive and understanding workplace.
Please join us on Thursday the 5th of October at 3pm UK time – using the teams link sent on Thursday the 29th of September.


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