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Memoirs of WISTA Sisters

June 27, 2023

On the evening of June 15, 2023, WISTA Sri Lanka, an esteemed organization promoting women in the maritime industry, hosted a highly successful and engaging event at Hotel Galadari exclusively for its esteemed members. The gathering encompassed an atmosphere of fellowship, inspiration, love, and friendship, as members shared their remarkable life experiences.

Distinguished guest speakers Reshma Yousuf, Founder & CEO of CLLB (Centre for Logistics Leadership in Business) and WISTA Malaysia’s Founding President & current President, and Shardha Goley, esteemed WISTA India Member & Founder Director of Under the Bodhi Tree – HR Consultancy, graced the occasion, enriching the event with their invaluable insights and personal journeys.

The evening commenced with a warm welcome extended to the attendees, setting the stage for an evening of connection and empowerment. WISTA Sri Lanka, known for its commitment to fostering an inclusive maritime community, provided a platform for its members to exchange knowledge, celebrate achievements, and forge lasting connections.

The event’s ambiance reverberated with positive energy as attendees engaged in thought-provoking discussions, fostering a nurturing environment that encourages professional and personal growth. The exchange of ideas, anecdotes, and camaraderie further strengthened the bonds within the WISTA Sri Lanka community.

In true WISTA spirit, this members’ event fostered an atmosphere of empowerment, promoting diversity, and inspiring women to reach for the stars. By bringing together accomplished industry professionals and emerging talents, WISTA Sri Lanka once again showcased its commitment to building a brighter future for women in the maritime industry.

This event served as a powerful reminder that through shared experiences and unwavering support, women can conquer challenges and create a transformative impact on the maritime industry.

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