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April 2, 2020

Tripulación del BT DIGNITY

BT DIGNITY crew – “We stay on board for you, stay home for us”.

A message from the President of WISTA Venezuela

The pandemics of COVID-19, has shown the vital role of the seafarers as the world faces an unprecedented global challenge. This men and women are the real sea heroes, they constitute the principal engine of the world’s economy, connecting supply chains and keeping the world in movement.

In a regular day, there are more than 1.6 million of seafarers working on board of 70.000 ships around the world, carrying vital goods for our lives, to companies and governments, including medical supplies, food and essential fuels to sustain the communities.

In the middle of the COVID19 crisis, WISTA Venezuela sends a worldwide recognition to all the seafarers, for the courage of staying on board, far from home in the frontline of this global emergency, and joins the support request of the Secretary-General of IMO Kitack Lim to declare seafarers as “key personnel” in the fight against this COVID19 pandemic, and be able in this way to guarantee their safety and protection.

For few minutes, consider the life and wellness of the seafarers, imagine remain on bard of a vessel, with limited space during months, working from 10 to 12 hours daily, 7 days per week. Imagine being apart from your family and friends, sailing through the sea and oceans, connecting global supply chains out of sight in order to guarantee that people receive their essential daily products. Now, imagine remain on board for a non-specified period of time after months of hard work due to the different restrictions imposed by the governments of all countries as part of the actions taken in order to prevent and cut the spread of COVID19.

Is not easy to imagine, unless you are a seafarer.

WISTA Venezuela is committed to highlight the contribution that the seafarers are realizing and we encourage to all maritime community, including the governments and port maritime authorities, companies and consumers in general, to remember that our ability to meet this pandemic depends on the transportation of goods on board of all the vessels around the world. So, take a moment to recognize the fundamental role of the seafarers, lets ensure that they will be treated with the respect that they deserve as “key personnel” so they can continue bringing their vital services to maintain the world in movement.

We raise a recognition to our seafarer members of WISTA, that are on board in this moment.

To you, the seafarers, our eternal gratitude to keep the world moving.

Débora Valera.

President of WISTA Venezuela.

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