Women's International Shipping & Trading Association

IMO International Day for Women in Maritime

May 18, 2022

On the occasion of the IMO International Day for Women in Maritime on May 18, Elpi Petraki, President WISTA Hellas has had the pleasure of spending it in London with WISTA International at the International Maritime Organization with some of the most inspirational women in our industry, including Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, Claudia Ohlmeier, Dr Efi Tsolaki and Helen Buni.
It is remarkable the progress that is being made to eliminate gender inequality and so many women excelling in a wide range of positions throughout the industry. ??However, there is still much to do to ensure the voices of women in maritime are heard. The IMO and WISTA Women in Maritime Report, which was launched, showed that gender diversity in maritime is very fragmented by sector – only 29% of the overall workforce and 20% of the workforce of national maritime authorities in Member States are women. Ms. Elpi Petraki committed to helping women achieve their goals and to raising awareness of the incredible contribution women are making in all shipping related positions, whether it’s in the boardroom, in an office or onboard a vessel.?? We celebrate women in maritime, to continue to work together to create a more diverse, fair and inclusive working environment for all.??

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