Women's International Shipping & Trading Association

First Symposium on Maritime Fishing – In the city of Cumana

May 19, 2023

Next week the city of Cumana – Venezuela will be hosting the First Symposium on Maritime Fishing. The event is being organized by the Venezuelan Maritime Law Association with the sponsorship of Wista Venezuela and Fundatun. This new initiative is being led by an experienced woman in the Maritime Fishing Legal industry, Ms. Ángeles Rodríguez.

Speakers from all over the country will be meeting during this three day event. Which will include several legal and technical presentations from experts in the fishing industry.

Wista Venezuela will be joining with a presentation on the “Participation of Women in the Maritime Sector”.  Fishing has always been an underserved field within maritime commerce, therefore it is Wista´s responsibility to participate and look over women who make a living in this industry.

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