Women's International Shipping & Trading Association


February 24, 2021

In February we had two chances to meet each other.

First one was when Adam Wisniewski – President of “Fundacja Ocean Marzen” gave us a shortcut of their mission and passion to help young people who grows up in child care homes.

They do a great job with instilling the passion for sailing in hearts and gave an opportunity in participation in a great adventures. The passion often turns into the love for all life.

Young people are taking control of their lives and participate in projects which are unites them together. They are learning to work in group and became an really valuable adults.

You can also give them a support – please visit the page and have a look at their work.


Second chance to meet together was a unexpected but so enjoyable presentation of our new members which joined WISTA last year.

That was big possibility to listen interesting stories about the professional ways that we are all going through.

It shows us that whether which path we choose, if it is connected with maritime it will be always satisficted and interesting.

We are already looking for next meeting what it will bring to us!

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