Women's International Shipping & Trading Association

Assisting the Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian

September 10, 2019

Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas in early September 2019, causing widespread devastation and destruction.  All members of WISTA Bahamas are accounted for and safe.

The Bahamas needs the help of the entire global maritime community to rebuild the islands that have been badly damaged. Please give through legitimate organizations and funds, some of which are listed below.

Relief organizations, identified as legitimate, by the Association of Bahamas Marinas and/or WISTA Bahamas:

  • Orlando Health International Relief: (Each dollar donated throughout the month of September 2019 will be matched by Orlando Health, with 100% of the funds collected to be used for the welfare of the people in need)
  • Bahamas Red Cross:
  • Overend:
  • Matt Winslow GoFundMe, who will match donations
  • Patrick Davis Songwriters in Paradise GoFundMe
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