Women's International Shipping & Trading Association


September 30, 2021

This month was full of interesting events. We had the opportunity to participate in the:

  • BALTEXPO 2021 fair in Gdansk – meeting of maritime industry stakeholders – talks about the future of offshore wind energy and its infrastructure as well as the current state of shipbuilding projects
  • Maritime Congress in Szczecin – meeting in Szczecin Philharmonic and Maritime Academy – discussion with panelists and guests about the future of education and offshore wind energy plans – UE law regulations, on-going projects, real status of work
  • 9th Women’s Forum in Logistics in Znin –  panelists from uniwersities, big companies managers, lawyers

Today, closing this month, we meet together in Gdansk to discuss self-confidence and how we can reduce stress with trainer Iwona Dziwenka.

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