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Photography Competition- Runner up!

September 14, 2020

… And we have a runner-up for our photography competition! Congratulations, Regina Schiele (a crew member with our corporate member ShellNick Potter), and thank you for this photo which made us smile.

In Regina’s words: “There are different factors that come into place when talking about ones well being, and I’m happy to say that all factors are taken into account onboard here in ‘Silver Ebalina’. The working environment is really positive, with everyone constantly encouraging one another and eager to help. It’s like a little community, where you are assured you are constantly taken care of. Especially with this pandemic situation, nobody would want any crew to feel outcasted or down. This is why everyone is taking steps to build a better working environment onboard and keeping a positive mindset. Measures have also been taken to avoid stressful jobs to keep a good state of mental health.”

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