Marjolein Van Noort

Marjolein has always been fascinated by how the world and people are connected and how that impacts everyday life. This was one of reasons to study international economics and eventually move into the maritime industry. “The wonderful thing about the maritime industry is that it is closely linked to Dutch culture and at the same time incorporates a very international sector. Many interactions happen between different countries and cultures. Embracing these differences sets the pace for future cooperation.”

“I am interested in what motivates people and where bridges can be built. In my role as representative of the Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners ( Koninklijke Vereniging van Nederlandse Reders (KVNR) ) in Brussels, I am keeping a close eye on European developments and trends that impact the Dutch shipping sector today and in the future. The position gives an excellent opportunity to make visible what shipping contributes to society. Until recently, I was also the project leader of the Maritime Masterplan of the Dutch Maritime Network. This plan presents big ambitions for the transformation of the entire Dutch maritime sector. It makes me proud that the plan is the result of broad maritime cooperation and that it already led to three R&D projects regarding methanol, hydrogen and zero LNG.”

“I feel comfortable and challenged being in new waters and unpredicted circumstances. With so many changes going on, the times are interesting for the shipping sector. One of the questions I am dealing with is how we can facilitate investments in sustainable shipping. End of the day the way we value clean and safe transport is key to that.”

By Ilse Rodewijk

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