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WISTA UK: Finding the right work/life balance with Kate Bollanou

September 10, 2020

Join us in an interactive webinar with Kate Bollanou,* to discover how women can find the right work/life balance for themselves and their families, without having to sacrifice any aspect of their life.

Women, especially those with children, have a tendency to take more and more responsibilities, while at the same time they hesitate to ask for help and delegate.

It’s time to bust the conventional work/life balance myth that keeps us stuck and fills us with guilt, with practical tips that you can apply in your life straight away.


*Kate Bollanou is a Gender and Cultural D&I Coach. Kate comes from a maritime family and has been working in the industry for the past ten years. After her shipbroking career in London, and having faced the difficulties of being a working mother and the lead parent, she decided to start her business and specialise in Women’s Leadership and Cross-Cultural Communication.

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