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28 Nov. 2019 // WISTA The Netherlands Company visit: RelyOn Nutec

November 28, 2019

RelyOn Nutec is a world leading provider of multi-service safety, survival and skills training and a global safety partner. They provide safety and survival training and services, helping organizations in oil and gas, maritime, wind and industrial, improve safety for their employees and their customers.

RelyOn Nutec at the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam welcomes WISTA The Netherlands on the 28th November for an exciting tour of its training facilities and the chance to put out a real fire during a real life firefighting scenario! You don’t want to miss this! Please sign up and cu there!

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Beerweg 71
(Harbour nr 7024 and 7026)
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3199 LM Maasvlakte – Rotterdam

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