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WISTA New Zealand Event

May 8, 2019


WISTA NZ is celebrating its 5th ANNIVERSARY

Significantly, also this year,  IMO’s theme for World Maritime Day  is:

Empowering Women in the Maritime Industry

(IMO –  the International Maritime Organization – is the United Nations’ specialised agency with responsibility for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine and atmospheric pollution by ships. Read more here.)


Empowering women in the maritime community 
empowerment begins with awareness.
We are delighted to present our two speakers for our next WISTA NZ Event on: WEDNESDAY 8 MAY 2019How AQ & CQ will empower you to succeed: The ability to adapt has become crucial for success in this quicker-faster-all-the-time world. Lawyer and thought leader, Mai Chen explains how to grow your ability to adapt, including harnessing migrant experiences living, working and visiting abroad, and how to keep yourself match fit in adapting by incentivising yourself to ‘run faster’. Mai will also speak on the importance of building cultural intelligence given the ‘superdiversity’ status of Auckland city and lay down some challenges on how to engage with this unique workforce and consumer base.

Authentic Leadership: We live in a fast moving world of powerful social media platforms and influencers, along with increasing corporate virtue signalling and greenwashing. Coupled with an ever increasingly diverse workforce, discovering your true values and how they shape your leadership capability has become important for people at all levels. As an expert in this field, Chair of Maritime New Zealand and founder of Leadership New Zealand, Jo Brosnahan will share her insights into the journey of building a culture of meaningful leadership for the future.

For more information about location, time and price, please contact robyn.scurrah@gmail.com

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