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WISTA Mexico participated in the “Forum for the empowerment of women of the marine sector”, at the National Congress of Mexico

March 6, 2020

WISTA Mexico Participated in the Forum for the empowerment of women of the marine sector. An activity that under the programme of the “Women’s Week in the Marine area”, coordinated by the Commission of the Secretariat of the Navy from the National Congress, at the Legislative Palace of San Lazaro, last Wednesday March 4, 2020. During the forum called “Empowerment of women of the marine sector” the public (mostly women) could listen to pioneer women and leaders from different areas of the maritime and port industry, who shared their professional experiences and the obstacles to reach their achievements as women, encouraging the participation of future generations.
The Congress representatives that organized the forum stressed the importance of sharing what a woman’s day-to-day life is like in areas dominated by men to future maritime women generations. Among the empowered women, that participates in the forum there were Port Facility Security Officers (PFSO), shipping agents, nautical education managers, naval doctors and merchant and military ship crews. They talked about the experiences and difficulties they had as women for their professional development.
Without doubt, exercising a male-dominated profession already makes women transcendent and fill them with pride, but it is necessary to be aware that it is not enough with it. Women need to create more opportunities for junior professionals and support them through their first years of their carriers at sea, through knowledge-sharing and capacity-building, said Claudia Hernández who represented WISTA Mexico at the forum.


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