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Waves of Change – WISTA at NOR Shipping

June 5, 2019

Be there or be square!

This is the fourth time WISTA Norway host the Waves of Change conference, where this year’s topic is “DIVERSITY FOR PROFIT”. Diversity and how diversity drives performance is highly relevant as the maritime industry stands before green requirements to reduce greenhouse gasses, and moving from analogue to digital.

WISTA Norway is proud to join forces with WISTA International and IMO. Together we are ready to make new waves for change.

Session 1 – Diversity for Profit
How increased diversity in organisations increase financial performance and economic growth. Moderators: Pia Meling & Sanjam Gupta

-Oluf Ulseth State Secretary, Office of Prime Minister,
-Sony Kapoor, CEO Re-Define: How increased female participance in the global economy helps support global growth.
-Anne Grethe Solberg, writer: How to succeed with gender balance.
-Heidi Aven SHE Community & Ole Kristian Lunde Head of PREY: Shelndex ” What gets measured gets done”

Session 2 – Tangible initiatives for Diversity – What maritime companies are learning and doing

Moderator: Gream Sommerville Ryan

– Mrs Helen Buni, Principal Programme Assistant, Tech. Cooperation Division, IMO: WISTA International and IMO are initiating a project to measure how many women that work in the maritime industry: “What gets measured gets done” PROJECT LAUNCH

Panel debate Diversity initiatives – what works and what doesn’t?

– Ivar Myklebust, CEO Hoegh Autoliners
– Geir Isene, Innovation Manager, Dualog
– Harald Solberg, CEO Norwegian Shipowners Association
– Siri Anne Mjåtvedt, CEO Utkilen

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


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