Women's International Shipping & Trading Association

Taking “Men” out of Mentorship

April 29, 2019

At the World Economic Forum earlier this year at Davos, it emerged that some senior men are now fearful of mentoring women after the metoomovement. On the other hand, many women complain that female bosses are harsher than males ones. It seems to be bad news everywhere! Join us in unpicking the stereotypes and taking an honest look at ourselves (are we making gender a convenient scapegoat?) and what leadership means. We have with us a panel of women who are leaders in their fields and keen on mentoring the next generation. We would love to have men join us in this discussion so that we can have a balanced discussion! So, senior or newbie, male or female, hope to see you on the 29th of April!

Register here – https://mailchi.mp/72ca2e07dd38/wista-talk-taking-men-out-of-mentorship?e=994a5c5763


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