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Maritime Resilience & Coaching

December 19, 2020

On 19 December 2020, starting with 11.00 a.m. (EET-Bucharest), Constanta Maritime University, the European Centre for Social Responsibility (ECSR), WISTA Romania, and other sector partners organize the academic event “Maritime Resilience & Coaching” dedicated to seafarers with long voyages due to pandemics.


Agenda of the event:

Building the culture of safety through innovative concepts: Charisma of Safety and Enjoy “Safety first”

Cristina Dragomir, Assoc. Prof., PhD in Management, PhD in Mech. Engineering at Constanta Maritime University

Scientific study on the vibrational frequency of positive words

Alexandra Jelea –Phd Att., MSc in Software Development and Business Information Systems, VP of the Association of Economic Universities of South and  Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region (ASECU Youth)

Medical advice for seafarers in long voyages due to pandemic

Dr. Ilona Denisenko, Maritime Health Research and Education-NET,  International Maritime Health Association, Regional Medical Office, Moscow

Building resilience for maritime crew members

Alexandra Badita – Storytelling & Creativity Expert, Regional Director Global Woman Club Bucharest

Leadership by example

Marius Tutuianu, Master Mariner, President and Co-Founder of Romanian Shipmaster’s Association

Tricks to keep your mind, body and spirit up while on board

Alexandra Ciucanu, 3rd Officer, Celebrity Cruises, Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association -WISTA Romania

Session of short video messages for seafarers with long voyages due to pandemics

In this academic event, participants will learn how to:

– keep a positive attitude towards repetitive activities onboard

– stay sane and resilient during the long time spent on the sea

– shift their mindset with positive psychology and coaching

The objectives of this webinar are:

– discovering scientific studies on the culture of safety

– building resilience for maritime crew members

– transforming mindset programming

– creating a healthy attitude with positive routines

Live broadcasting on Saturday,19 December 2020, starting with 11.00 a.m. hours (EEST, Bucharest), will be available by YouTube through https://maritimeconferences.online/building-the-culture-of-safety-through-innovative-concepts-charisma-of-safety-and-enjoy-safety-first/

You can address questions and comments through the chat section from YouTube, available starting with the date of the event.

No registration is needed. For receiving the event slides, fill in the short form: https://forms.gle/agZe8fP2rHP8MQJt8


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