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Cartagena 2020 Cruise Dialogue

February 19, 2020 to February 21, 2020

WISTA Colombia and WISTA Venezuela will be present at the Cartagena Cruise Dialogue 2020

The cruise event will be held in the city of Cartagena from February 19 to 21. The participation of members from various countries will be represented by a group of talented women from the maritime sector of Spain, Germany, Venezuela, and finally, the host country Colombia.

Cruises, Ports and Cities will be the main topics discussed during the Cartagena 2020 Cruise Dialogue, on February 19, 20 and 21. The activity will be attended by personalities from the maritime sector, Colombian authorities, private organizations from Latin America, academics, and WISTA women from different countries.

The international conference will have several sessions, during days 19, 20 and 21, as well as industry meetings to talk about maritime community and the latest research in the best ways to achieve sustainable growth of the cruises businesses.

The event is organized by Universidad de los Andes, in collaboration with the University of the Aegean (Greece), and the University of Genoa (Italy). The activity also has the support of other private organizations.

Among the most significant issues in the sector, which will be discussed during these three days in various sessions, include:

  • How to be prepared for the unstoppable growth of cruise activity; the main cruise ships in the region; cruise marketing and sustainable growth, and shipping in the eye of the hurricane: preparation, resilience and recovery.

Likewise, these sessions will aim to improve the debates during the meetings and develop proposals that offer sustainability in the economy, environment and society in the development of cruise activities.

In the case of WISTA, its participation in the event will be represented by a group of talented women from the maritime industry, Melissa Consuegra and Tatiana Rabat from WISTA Colombia; María del Mar Pérez, from Port Barcelona Spain; Sacha Rougier, from Cruise Gate Hamburg; and María Rodríguez, WISTA Venezuela. The attendees will also have the support of Yasmin Maldonado, president of WISTA Colombia, a Merchant Officer.

The participation of WISTA will highlight the presence of women in the maritime industry, as well as their professionalism and empowerment in the sector. In this sense, during this activity, the WISTA will present the topic Gender in the Cruise Industry, which will serve to contextualize the empowerment of women, their virtues and experiences in the area.

So, if you want to know more about the performance that WISTA will have in Cartagena Cruise Dialogue 2020, from February 19 to 21, we invite you to follow WISTA Colombia on Twitter @wista_colombia and Instagram @wistacolombia. You can also check relevant content on the official website of the event https://cruisedialogue2020.org

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