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29 Jun. 2020 // WISTA online workshop with RSM

June 29, 2020

‘Building and creating powerful networks’

After our very successful cooperation with Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) last year we are very happy to invite you to the online workshop: Women empowering Women:  Building and creating powerful networks.

Even though women have made progress in moving to higher-level leadership positions in organizations they still face incredible challenges.  This workshop addresses the issues of women in international shipping, particularly the challenges these women face when climbing the corporate ladder. The goal of the on-line workshop is to share experiences, discuss and debate gender balanced leadership, create a sisterhood-posse, and find ways to make Wista The Netherlands visible within the shipping industry.
This highly interactive online workshop invites participants to reflect and debate on their own attitudes towards issues around gender, and examine how they can help address the problem of too little women in top positions, individually and collectively.

Learning outcomes of the workshop:

  • Developed ability to think critically about your attitudes and beliefs about gender.
  • An appreciation of unconscious/implicit bias and how it operates in ourselves, in others, and in organisations
  • Understanding the DNA of Networks
  • An enhanced capacity and enthusiasm for:
    • Making WISTA visible within the shipping industry
    • Amplifying through communication
    • Creating a sisterhood/pose
    • Continuing the debate after the workshop

The WISTA online workshop will be led by Prof. Dianne Bevelander and  Dorothy Grandia of Rotterdam School of Management . They are both well known to those mambers who particpated in the “Woman in leadership program” arranged by Wista last year.

Time schedule

Date: Monday 29 June 2020
Time: 15.00 – 17.30 hrs (2 x 1 hour + 30 min break in between)

ou will receive a link from RSM to the webinar after signing up.

NB! The workshop will take place on Zoom and will be 2.5 hours.  To optimize the interaction and learning in this workshiop the Maximum number of participants is 20. So first come first served principle.

Please download the full Invite from RSM with important instructions here: 

Click here to register!
(WISTA the Netherlnads has introduced a no-show fee of Euro 25,-. This means that if we receive a cancellation later than 48 hours before the start of the event we will charge you a Euro 25,- no-show fee. Please confirm that you understand and accept this policy with ticking the box below. In case you do not accept our policy we cannot guarantee that you can participate.)

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