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09 September 2020 // WISTA The Netherlands Cyber Security Webinar

September 9, 2020

Join us at the Cyber Security Webinar hosted by STC-KNRM on 9th September

STC-KNRM organizes this Cyber Security Webinar together with SERIS Security especially for our WISTA members.

Cyber Security is not only about preventing hackers from gaining access to systems and information with all its consequences. It is also about maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and systems so that, among other things, business continuity can be guaranteed. During this webinar we will take you to the fishing nets – the passwords – the two-step protections – but especially the pitfalls. Because remember: Piracy is always and everywhere and not just that pirate who is really in the gangway of your ship in the middle of the night. As of 2021, Cyber ??Security procedures will be mandatory for all shipping companies according to the ISM-code. Starting in September, a cyber security course can be followed at STC-KNRM.

STC-KNRM and WISTA The Netherlands are happy to take you through the ins and outs.
We hope to meet you on the 9th of September.
Stay safe, on- and offline!

Time schedule

Date: Wednesday 9th of September 2020
Time: 16.00 – 17.30 hrs

You will receive an invitation from WISTA on the 7th of September.

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