WISTA Germany is excited to have the chance to host the 41th WISTA International AGM and Conference in 2021 – thank you to WISTA Brazil (the planned host of the conference in 2021) for their support.

This is the fourth time that WISTA Germany has the pleasure of welcoming you in Hamburg, including the very first WISTA International AGM and Conference, which took place here all the way back in 1981.

Therefore, we are tailoring the conference to highlight new trends in the maritime industry and where these might take us in the near future. These changes already have an impact today and as a countermeasure the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has decided on an extensive review of its conventions on reducing pollution from the shipping industry which entered into force in 2020 – but is this enough?. How and to what extent does the above trigger changes in existing business models and what will it take for players in the maritime sector to lower the environmental footprint of our industry further.

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CHANGE OF VENUE: WISTA goes on the COURT – We meet at “Tennis Court at the Rothenbaum”, Hallerstraße 89, 20149 Hamburg, Germany: The International German Open has been played at the “Rothenbaum” since 1892, making it Germany’s longest-running tennis tournament. The current stadium was built in 1999 and holds 13,200 spectators, making it Germany’s largest tennis venue. Today, it is one of the only two tournaments on German soil to be part of the ATP World Tour 500 (the other being Halle Open), and one of the twenty largest tennis tournaments in the world.

The court is a roof stadium – we are covered from rain but are still outdoor – please bring warm cloth.


Due to the current and continuously changing COVID-19 restrictions, we would like you to check the following informing homepages from the EU, Germany and Hamburg to support your travel plans.

In order to secure this event for you and all other participants, we recommend attending the WISTA International AGM & Conference either fully vaccinated or fully recovered (supported by an EU recognised vaccination or recovery certificate).

The European Union:


Germany – Federal Foreign Office:


Hansestadt Hamburg:

https://www.hamburg.com/ & What’s Important: COVID-19 Regulations in Hamburg – hamburg.com

FAQ regarding the postponed WISTA International AGM & Conference in Hamburg 20201:

Registration fees for the 2020 conference will be valid for the 2021 conference. If you cannot attend the 2021 AGM & Conference 12 -15 October 2021, you can cancel your previously purchased tickets by 10 July 2020 without any cancellation fees.

  • What about my room reservations at the Radisson Hotel or Motel booked via the event agency?

Room reservation can be shifted to 2021 in Radisson Hotel for the same price. If you booked at Motel One, look for information from us via email shortly.

  • Whom to contact?

Our event agency will contact everyone who purchased a ticket within the next two weeks to confirm whether you want to roll your 2020 registration to 2021 and what you want to do with your room.

  • What happens to my flight or hotel booking not done via the agency?

Please clarify this directly with your travel agency or the company you booked the flights/hotels with.

  • I need to contact the event agency now. What to do?

Please contact wista@interplan.de

The organisation of a WISTA International AGM and Conference is both a privilege but also a challenge, and those of you who have that experience know what I am talking about, the little extra uncertainty and financial impact of the pandemic added to the pressure of hosting the international AGM and Conference 20201 but now when all negotiations about fees and having set a new date, October 14-16, 2021, we can focus again. Our theme, Shipping 2025 – Today’s actions for tomorrow’s business, includes topics like sustainability, digitization, and infrastructure, which are more relevant than ever. 

– WISTA Germany President Claudia Ohlmeier

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WISTA has 3,800+ members and 56 National WISTA Associations (NWAs).


WISTA has 3,800+ members and 56 National WISTA Associations (NWAs).

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