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WISTA USA Launches Great Lakes Region

September 12, 2019

The Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association USA (WISTA USA) opened its 11th chapter, Great Lakes/ Midwest Region Chapter, and welcomed its 700th member earlier this year. The chapter will coordinate events and activities for WISTA members throughout the Midwestern United States.

“WISTA USA has grown substantially in the last five years,” said WISTA USA President Parker Harrison, senior vice president and general counsel at Crowley Maritime Corporation. “Long-time members in the Great Lakes region sought to create a new chapter to bring members in the Midwest together under one umbrella to help capitalize on the opportunities and address the challenges unique to the shipping, trading and logistics sectors in that part of the country.”

Great Lakes/ Midwest Chapter will hold a kick-off event Friday, October 11 at the offices of Marwedel, Minichello & Reeb, P.C. in Chicago, Ill.  The chapter is led by Judy Druskovich, admissions specialists at Great Lakes Maritime Academy and Leigh Rinas, 2nd Mate with Crowley Maritime Corporation. Norma Ray, branch chief, United States Coast Guard, will serve as chapter event planner and membership chair and Jodie Knox, command center chief, United States Coast Guard, will serve as chapter secretary.

Since forming in 1997, WISTA USA has grown to include more than 700 members in 11 regional chapters. WISTA USA members represent all sectors of the maritime industry including ship owners, charterers, operators, suppliers, brokers, bankers, insurance professionals, attorneys, analysts and government officials. Regional chapters include: Connecticut; Delaware River and Bay Area; Florida; Great Lakes/ Midwest Region; New England; New Orleans; New York/New Jersey; Pacific Northwest (Alaska, Washington, and Oregon); Texas; Washington, DC Metro; and West Coast (California and Hawaii).

WISTA USA chapters meet regularly for networking and business activities. WISTA USA comes together at its Annual General Meeting.  The 2020 WISTA USA Annual General Meeting & Conference will be held in Houston, Texas in March 2020.  Those wishing to attend the Chicago event on October 11, 2019 should contact Norma Ray at wistanorma@gmail.com.

WISTA USA is a member of WISTA International, an international networking organization for female managers in the maritime industry. WISTA International includes more than 3,000 professionals, from 47 countries, representing all sectors of the maritime industry. The organization’s goal is to connect members, so each can increase her competency and help further her success in the marine industry.

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