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Employment Opportunity – Florida International Terminals

December 21, 2021

Assistant Yard Manager


Based in Port Everglades, Florida the Assistant Yard Manager is responsible for leading and providing guidance for ILA yard gangs with the objective of maintaining a safe work environment, maximizing marine, yard, and gate productivity, controlling cost and meeting terminal and operational requirements. Assist with the enforcement of the security plan to ensure compliance with Federal Regulations CFR 105. Ensure to continuously strive to improve the service to all customers and provide an environmentally safe working environment for all FIT and ILA employees. The ideal candidate will have at least 2 years terminal operations experience.

Key responsibilities:

– Responsible for ensuring all daily work assignments are completed properly and safely by the Header/Foremen/Chief Supervisors and hourly union labor you supervise.

– Responsible for directing the Header/Foreman/Chief Supervisors in their daily work assignments to minimize labor cost and maximize terminal efficiency.

– Responsible for determining and ordering appropriate labor, including additional labor as you deem necessary and as business needs require.

– Permitted to hire and schedule competent labor and direct the labor workforce in the performance of their daily work assignments.

– Generate, analyze and control operational KPIs.

– Updates Terminal Yard and Vessel Operations Databases and metrics.

– Propose, coordinate, evaluate and execute improvement projects.

– Create and formalized Standard Operational Processes.

– Responsible for monitoring the arrival times of all labor, authorizing any necessary overtime, ensuring that labor is properly identified on all payroll records and ensuring that any and all appropriate payroll adjustments are made for labor based on their actual hours of work.

– Responsible for ensuring all equipment needed for the operation is available before the shift start (Top handlers, mules, forklifts, pickup trucks, among others).

– Responsible for directing the labor working in the grounding operation in order to maximize terminal yard space and improve vessel productivity.

– Expected to use your independent judgment and discretion in making important operational decisions. i.e.: shift an operating unit from task to task in yard and assign or reassign gate clerks between functions. Your decisions should be guided by business needs with the goal of improving overall terminal operations by maximizing labor efficiency and minimizing terminal turn-time.

– Responsible for and have the authority and discretion to carry out discipline of the labor you supervise, including hourly-paid union labor working through Header/Foreman/Chief.

– Expected and required to direct the I.L.A. Header/Foremen/Chief Supervisors to take appropriate action to achieve efficient and safe operations within the terminal facility, including directing the I.L.A. Header/Foremen/Chief Supervisors to warn, replace or discipline rank and file I.L.A. labor as deemed appropriate.

– Required to become familiar with and utilize the applicable labor agreements and grievance adjustment procedures.

– Responsible for handling any grievances that are brought to your attention in an expeditious manner, and you should obtain all relevant facts and use independent judgment and discretion in adjusting any grievance.

– You have authority and discretion to determine and implement an appropriate resolution to resolve a grievance working through your direct supervisor.

-Lead pre operations safety talk and inspect working area for potentially unsafe situations and bring attention to vessel command, yard/vessels managers, and/or Safety Manager, of any of such situation to ensure all FIT Safety Policies are being adhere to.

– Keep track hourly of the drays, turn time and gate moves. Use independent judgment and discretion if any redistribution of the labor among the different processed should be done.

– Plan the next day ‘Helpers Tasks’ based on the different activities that they may have (OOG, NCB, USDA, among others).

– Other duties as assigned by direct supervisor including coverage of Yard Manager.


– Works well within a team and a fast-paced environment..

– Able to acquire a port & TWIC Id.

– Have self-respect and ability to respect others.

– Be professional, trustworthy and honest.

– Pass a pre-employment drug test, background check & participation in random drug testing.

– Communicate effectively, able to read & write.

– The ideal candidate will have at least 2 years terminal operations experience.

– Must be currently authorized to permanently work in the USA, no Visa or Sponsorship.


– Microsoft Office -Excel

– Leadership

– Discipline & organized.

– Results oriented

– Proactive

– Conflict resolution skills


  • Bachelors degree preferred

Work Location

  • One location
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