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Employment Opportunity – Blue Sky Coalition

February 3, 2022

Operations Manager Job Summary

The Blue Sky Maritime Coalition (the “Coalition”) is a newly formed first-of-its-kind non profit strategic alliance committed to accelerate the transition of waterborne transportation in the United States and Canada towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. As a partnership between industry, government, education, research, end users, service providers and other organizations representing all aspects of the maritime value chain in North America, the Blue Sky Maritime Coalition is working collaboratively to develop and execute a roadmap to achieve a commercially viable net-zero emissions waterborne logistics sector. We are looking for a talented and highly motivated Operations Manager who can ensure that Coalition operations are efficiently achieving the Coalition’s short and longer-term goals.

About the Role
The Operations Manager reports directly to the Coalition President, organizing and overseeing the implementation of all Coalition activities. Since the Coalition is run almost entirely with in-kind support from the senior leadership of its member organizations, a key responsibility will be to ensure effective collaboration across a diverse group of stakeholders who form the Blue Sky Maritime Coalition.

Mobilizing initial projects is a key requirement for kickstarting a zero-emission future for shipping and enabling effective internal and external communications and recordkeeping are key. External fundraising from federal and local grants as well as private donors is another key challenge to undertaking concrete initiatives to help demonstrate the technologies, business models and investment cases needed to bridge the gap to commercially viable zero-emission vessels.

The Operations Manager will work closely with the Coalition’s four major Workstream Leaders, Projects Director, Government Relations Director, and Communications Director to advance the Coalition’s goals and ensure a discipline of execution. The Coalition also anticipates significant growth in membership over the coming year which will require oversight by the Operations Manager to ensure that all members are actively involved.

Key Responsibilities
• Lead long-term planning to develop and execute initiatives that further the Coalition’s overall goals
• Facilitate cross-team coordination to foster exchange of ideas and provide learning opportunities
• Track KPIs and assist the Coalition President in preparing monthly newsletters and Board reports
• Manage Coalition policies and procedures as required
• Manage contractors that support records management, Microsoft Teams platform, membership directory, and administrative operations
• Work with the Communications Director to manage marketing and communications contractors
• Manage as needed 3rd party legal support for grant applications and grant administration support

Skills and Qualifications
• Minimum 5 years’ experience in management roles involved in the shipping and maritime sector; senior management and 10+ years maritime experience preferred
• A passion for decarbonization and driving toward the elimination of greenhouse gas emissions
• “Big picture” thinking, which is key to addressing top-level concerns and finding the best path forward based on all available data
• Interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively with both executives and staff members in order to create and administer policy
• Strong personal and professional judgment, which are invaluable skills for a role that aims to bring about collaboration and a fundamental change to an industry steeped in centuries-old ways of working
• Adaptability to respond quickly to a shifting reality and adjust initiatives and priorities accordingly
• A self-starter with excellent organizational skills and the flexibility to seamlessly multi-task and manage a variety of priority functions and projects

Salary and Benefits
• Full-time position
• A salary range of $75,000 to $90,000 per year will be considered based upon experience and qualifications
• Remote work location and flexible hours
• Opportunity to work directly with top public and private sector leaders across the shipping value chain
• Other benefits to be discussed

How to Apply
Send your resume to info@bluesky-maritime.org

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