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An Important Message from WISTA USA

October 20, 2021

Dear WISTA USA members,

The core mission of WISTA USA is to support and empower women in the maritime industry. To execute that mission, today we must turn our attention to protecting the safety and dignity of our colleagues at sea.

When MidshipmanX’s account of sexual assault circulated, our hearts went out to the victim, her family, and her Sea Partner. Sexual assault is a horrific crime. No one should be subjected to assault or harassment, nor should they work in fear of their colleagues.

We will soon see the third generation of women enter the service academies. Despite the decades that have passed since the first women walked through those doors, these crimes continue. The long-term impacts on the victims and their colleagues destroys our professionals and weakens our industry. The maritime industry has a long history of leadership, integrity, and fraternity, built upon years of the finest traditions of the sea. We must use that history to evolve and change.

As the largest network of women in shipping in the United States, we condemn these horrific and egregious actions and call for accountability. However, with more than 700 members spread from Hawaii and Alaska to Florida and Maine, we are in a position to do more. We represent all facets of the maritime industry – from seafarers to owners, lawyers to engineers, flag States and classification societies, P&I Clubs, and everyone in between. We are a unique bridge between various sectors of the maritime industry and as such we can be a catalyst for real change that protects our seafarers, and our shoreside teams.

In the coming weeks, WISTA USA will endeavor to convene a dialogue with industry stakeholders – shipowners and operators, maritime academies, and government. Our aim is to discuss what policies and procedures exist to protect the health, safety, and dignity of all seafarers, to review their enforcement, and further identify any additional steps that can be implemented. The maritime industry must provide a safe working environment for all.

WISTA USA will also consider how best to provide support for victims of sexual assault in the maritime industry; it is our goal to bring stakeholders to the table, to find a way to end these crimes, provide access to support resources for victims, and to strengthen our industry in the process.

WISTA USA will provide further details concerning this significant initiative, including how you, as a member of WISTA USA, can contribute and help make a change. It is time we leverage the breadth of our network to protect our maritime professionals and our industry.


WISTA USA Board of Directors

Alexandra Anagnostis, Total Marine Solutions

Marlene Nicolaou-Boyer, Stolt Tankers USA

Kate Belmont, American Bureau of Shipping

Boriana Farrar, Patriot Contract Services, LLC

Christina Liviakis Gianopulos, American Ship Repair

Jeanne Grasso, Blank Rome, LLP

Caitlin Hardy, Kongsberg Maritime

Parker Harrison, Crowley Maritime Corp

Laura Sherman, International Registries, Inc.

Jillian Tobias, LogOn Media Strategies

Media Contact:

Jillian Tobias, Board Member, WISTA USA



Leadership Contact:

Boriana Farrar, President, WISTA USA


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